2004 Polaris 600 Classic

600 Classic

Because There's Never Been A Problem 1,000 Miles Couldn't Solve. A reputation for reliability isn’t earned on the showroom floor. The standard of measure is thousands of miles of comfortable travel, sure handling and trouble-free operation. And when the nearest dealership might be a long way down the trail, there can be no exceptions. Polaris has consistently raised the bar for riding comfort, stability and reliability with quality construction, innovative suspension technology and relentless testing. And the 2004 Trail Luxury line adds another chapter to the Polaris legacy. The legendary EDGE chassis and Fast® M-10 suspension, with ACE on the 800, provide the industry’s most comfortable, stable and tunable ride. Every liquid-cooled and fan-cooled engine has earned the Polaris reputation for easy starts, smooth operation and long-term reliability. And the Classic is also easily the best-looking, best-riding sled on the trail.